Piccola Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni

Piccola Compagnia Abbondanza / Bertoni is born as a natural completion of Compagnia Abbondanza / Bertoni's poetic-pedagogical path and does not have as its main objective the packaging of a product and its presentation in public, but rather identifies its true nature and its authentic sense in the path that is carried out, in the process of construction itself.
After three years of work with a group of children we have gone further, driven by the potential we have found in them and by the desire that an artistic work could "speak" to the world of adults even through children's bodies.
The world of childhood has many things to tell us, and the opportunity that the theater represents to talk to people, can offer these children the opportunity to discover and make discover a different meaning to assign to the world. Words and actions that become a surprise for us adults, a bit delivered to our resignation, we see them as representatives of the future, judging their youth an age of transit and therefore unable to notice that their age already contains well written the revolutionary potential of the future.
This is, for us, a precious project, like the children called to make it happen, but it is also ambitious, endowed with a transgressive note that culture needs, and intimately linked to the territory, to our city: the theater is inseparable from the community , is a public event, a foundation of common civil life.
We like children's irresistible attraction for the game. It is in the game and thanks to it that one can be intensely alive, laugh, be ashamed, but also dare. Playing, for children, is not knowing how to stand still, it is the preciousness, the lies, the life that flows, being wonderfully inopportune, sacred with the conscience of innocence free of prejudices, it is their saving us from the seriousness of life. (A.B.2012)


Naima Fiumara, Emily Manica, Giacomo Manica, Anna Manzana, Agata Pavani.




DUEL (2014)




MADE IN ROVERETO (8/11/2014)


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